Faculty Experts

Rosalinda Vasquez Maury

Director of Applied Research and Analytics

Maury plans, coordinates and manages the IVMF research agenda with senior leadership and ensures that is accomplished on time and within budget; manages all research conducted at the institute; and serves as a liaison to IVMF Fellows, subcontractors, consultants and services related to conducting research. She works closely with the institute’s employment and education programs; conducts research, data analysis and writing in support of grant proposals, submissions and performance; and oversees additional IVMF research needs. In addition, she assists in developing policy proposals and advocating for policy changes at the organizational, local, state and federal levels; co-authors reports and publications; and presents at professional conferences.

Throughout her career, Maury has managed and provided research support to senior scientists for studies and projects in the public and private sectors, including factors impacting on-the-job performance, effects of personal financial mismanagement behaviors, training needs assessment, workload assessment, organizational restructuring, job and occupational analysis and equal pay for equal work. She has extensive experience in survey development and worldwide data collection, and has been responsible for developing, implementing and managing surveys for data collection on the large and small scale, for organizations including VAnalytic, Metrica, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force and Texas State University. Her work has been featured in numerous publications.

Previously, she worked with the Coast Guard’s Occupational Analysis Surveys, where she created online surveys, hosted surveys, and managed and provided survey tech support and data ready for analysis. She was involved in the Air Force Security Forces Job Compatibility Assessment Tool and helped develop a screening instrument, scoring rubric and user’s guide for use by the test administrator in conjunction with other standard hiring interviews and tests. She was also involved with the Air Force Financial Assessment Tool, which helped identify airmen most at risk for developing personal financial management problems. She was responsible for the literature review, item development, data collection, data analysis and reporting findings.

Maury holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio.