General Press Inquiries

Dara J. Royer

Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer

Sarah Scalese

Senior Associate Vice President for Communications

Tonya Strong-Charles

Executive Director of Media Relations

Ellen James Mbuqe

Director of News and Public Relations

Keith Kobland

Media Relations Manager

Sue Edson

Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director/Chief Communications Officer

Daryl Lovell

Media Relations Manager

Roxanna Carpenter

Communications Coordinator

Maren Guse Powell

Assistant Director of Digital and Social Media

Kathleen Haley

Senior Internal Communications Specialist

Kevin Morrow

Director, Internal Communications

Kelly Rodoski

Senior Communications Manager/Lockerbie-Syracuse Scholars Liaison

Matt Michael

Media Relations Specialist

Joshua Grossman

Director of Media Relations, Washington D.C.

Communications Contacts of All Schools & Colleges

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