Faculty Experts

Amy Criss

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Amy Criss is an expert in cognitive science, investigating memory in particular. To best facilitate the development of a comprehensive and accurate model of memory, her research tests existing models to identify core assumptions and critical data necessary to model memory. Fully understanding memory requires the development of models that account for a range of tasks and a range of effects. In particular, Dr. Criss and her research associates build computer models to mimic the human memory system and understand the processes that underline human episodic memory. A multidisciplinary approach spanning experimental psychology, gerontology, computational science, and cognitive neuroscience lays the  groundwork for a unified mechanistic account of memory.

Empirical and theoretical accounts of memory have been advanced by adopting multiple techniques and employing sophisticated analysis of response time  distributions to evaluate models of memory. This unique approach has the potential to revolutionize the field of memory. Her research has application in criminal justice and educational testing by understanding the properties of effective memory cues. The research also has potential in the treatment of memory disorders. Dr. Criss is funded by the National Science Foundation.