Faculty Experts

Julie Niederhoff

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

Professor Niederhoff is an Associate Professor in the Supply Chain Management department. Her research addresses issues of how individuals make decisions within the supply chain and what effect these have on the efficiencies and profits of the firms. Her work has been published in top research journals such as Management Science and Production and Operations Management as well as featured in articles in The New York Times, Science Daily, and Scientific American.

Professor Niederhoff’s research topics include supply chain contracting, behaviors related to supply chain, operations, and group dynamics and worker effort.

While at Whitman, Professor Niederhoff has taught courses for undergraduate core providing a first exposure to the field for many students. She’s also taught in the undergraduate and graduate electives for students majoring in the course. Professor Niederhoff was nominated for the Meredith Teaching award in 2014 and 2015.

Some of Niederhoff’s recent media mentions and features include: