Support and Resources

Dear Colleagues:

A short time ago, I returned from the Rose-Laying Ceremony and Remembrance Scholar Convocation. I was touched by how many of you participated in these events in spite of the significant challenges we are facing as individuals and as a collective. It’s a testament to the strength and resilience of our community. In recognition of the recent events in the Middle East and the resulting stressful time it has been for all of us, I write today to underscore our unwavering support for all of you. We understand that many of you are responding in real time to rapidly evolving dynamics in your classrooms. Thank you for your extraordinary diplomacy and sensitivity in doing so.

To assist you during this time, next week, we will expand our Academic Affairs Drop-In Hours in the Faculty Commons to include additional dates/times. During these drop-in hours, members of the Academic Affairs team will be on site to provide guidance and resources to help you navigate challenging classroom situations and answer any questions you may have. We will share dates/times for these additional drop-in hours via department chairs and deans early next week.

Additionally, we are planning an event, most likely for Tuesday, Oct. 24, focused on addressing and responding to tense classroom discussions. As soon as we confirm some final details, we will share more information.

As we continue to navigate these challenging times, I continue to believe the free exchange of ideas and constructive public discourse can be valuable in increasing understanding. I appreciate the kindness and respect you have shown to each other and to our students.

Thank you,

Gretchen Ritter
Vice Chancellor, Provost and Chief Academic Officer