Faculty Experts

Tiffany Koszalka

Professor of Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation

Tiffany Koszalka is a Professor in the Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation program in the School of Education. She is also recognized as a Syracuse University Faculty Technology Associate based on her practices of integrating technology into instruction and received a Meredith Professorship Teaching Recognition Award.

As an expert in instructional systems design, Koszalka focuses on studying the integration of learning, instruction, and technologies in instructional and learning environments. Her current work focuses on R&D projects investigating online learning and digital learning resources to support distance education, self-directed learning activities. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Koszalka’s work and research is especially important given the transition to online or hybrid work for students of all ages.

She spent over three decades in the instructional design field with over a decade in corporate environments designing, implementing, and evaluating multimedia-based training and human performance technology systems.

Her scholarship includes 5 books, 8 book chapters, 18 manuals, 24 refereed article, 40+ published conference papers, 40+ research reports, 70+ invited key notes, and 95+ conference presentations just over the last 15 years.