Faculty Experts

Jamie Winders

Professor and Chair, Geography Dept and Director of the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute

Prof. Winders specialties include: Urban, cultural and social geography, race/ethnicity, gender, international migration, qualitative and historical research methods, new media, social reproduction. Prof. Winders is also the director of the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute at Syracuse University.

Research Interests:
Prof. Winders research focuses on four primary themes: (1) changing geographies of immigrant settlement to and within the U.S. (i.e., new immigrant destinations), (2) racial formations and dynamics, (3) the politics of social reproduction, and (4) cultural geography. Her work is broadly qualitative and utilizes a variety of methods including oral histories, archival work, discourse analysis, interviews, and life and work histories. Prof. Winders is interested in interdisciplinary perspectives and in ideas with ‘reach’ across disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological lines. In addition to these four main themes, I have interests in historical geography and the role of postcolonial theory in thinking about human geographies more broadly. I also frequently write about critical pedagogy and human geography and have a growing focus on social and new media.

One of her current projects is a new introduction to cultural geography. This book will address a number of themes from the role of social media in the production of cultural geographies and cultural politics to the intertwining of spaces of work and leisure, practices of production and social reproduction, in the world around us. It incorporates both recent theoretical debates in cultural geography around topics such as non-representational theory and mobility studies and recent political and social developments around the world such as the Occupy movement and healthcare debates.

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