Faculty Experts

Eric Kingson

Professor of Social Work

Professor of Social Work at Syracuse University, Eric Kingson is an expert in social security and the politics and economics of the aging population.

Kingson is founding co-director of the Social Security Works (www.socialsecurity-works.org). Located at the national headquarters of the AFL-CIO, Social Security Works launched and staffs the Strengthen Social Security Coalition (co-chaired by Kingson), a coalition of over 300 national and state organizations dedicated to advancing economic security through strengthening and expanding our nation’s Social Security policies and programs.

His journal articles, book chapters and research examine the politics and economics of population aging, Social Security policy, cross-generational obligations and retirement income security. Among his books, he is primary author of Ties That Bind: The Interdependence of Generations (Seven Locks Press, 1986) and Social Security and Medicare: A Policy Primer (with Edward Berkowitz), author ofThe Diversity of the Baby Boom: Implications for Their Retirement Years (Washington, DC: AARP, 1992) and co-editor (with James Schulz) of Social Security in the 21st Century (Oxford University Press, 1997). In another book, Lessons from Joan: Living and Loving with Cancer, A Husband’s Story(Syracuse University Press, November 2005), he tells the story of his late wife’s and their family’s experiences following cancer diagnosis in 1998. His most recent book (with Nancy Altman) is Social Security Works: Why Social Security Isn’t Going Broke and Why Expanding It will Help Us All (New York, N.Y.: The New Press January 2015 http://amzn.to/1uBmbce ) A regular contributor toHuffington Post, he has also written op eds that have appeared in the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronical, Houston Chronicle and other major newspapers.

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