Faculty Experts

Burak Kazaz

The Steven R. Becker Professor of Supply Chain Management and the Executive Director of The H.H. Franklin Center for Supply Chain Management

Dr. Kazaz’s research interests include the integration of supply chain operations (purchasing, production, distribution), marketing (pricing, market segmentation), and finance (managing economic/currency risks, hedging), with a special interest in managing uncertainty and risk (e.g. exchange-rate fluctuations, supply disruptions, lead-time uncertainty, quality uncertainty, demand fluctuations) in global supply chains.

Dr. Kazaz aims to provide the business community with new perspectives on how to manage risk and uncertainty. His research offers solutions for managing global supply chains that operate under volatile international financial markets, such as exchange-rate fluctuations. Kazaz also investigates the impact of disruptions and supply uncertainty in pricing, production, and distribution activities. His work has found implementations in agricultural supply chains that experience supply and demand risk. His recent work on wine futures and pricing of young wines are carefully followed by industry leaders, and have been featured both in premier journals of business and in popular media.