Expectations for Demonstrations and Protests

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

Earlier today, an encampment began to take shape on our Quad with approximately 50 students participating. Members of the Student Experience and Academic Affairs teams have engaged the participants and have advised them on what is permitted and what kind of activity, conduct or language is in violation of University policies. Thus far, the gathering on the Quad has been peaceful. We observed one poster with language the University deemed harassing and requested its removal, and that has occurred.

Syracuse University is committed to free expression and respects the rights of our community members to peacefully assemble and protest. That’s an important part of our history as a great university. What we won’t tolerate is speech or conduct that contains threats or targeted harassment as defined in our policies. The right to protest does not supersede the rights of community members or our obligation to fulfill our academic mission.

Many members of our community maintain deeply held positions on the complex conflict in the Middle East that are often hard to reconcile. What our community does agree upon is that we treat everyone with respect, dignity and grace.  We are grateful for the work of so many to honor this commitment over the course of this academic year.

We will communicate additional updates as appropriate.


Allen W. Groves
Senior Vice President and Chief Student Experience Officer