Addressing the Terrorism Against Israel and Violence in Israel and Gaza

Monday, October 9, 2023

Dear Members of the Orange Community:

Like so many of you, I have watched in horror at the latest eruption of terrorism against Israel and violence in both Israel and Gaza over the last two days. The violence is unfathomable. The stories from victims and their loved ones are devastating and heartbreaking.

Over the weekend, the University quickly worked to determine whether members of our community were traveling in the region. Currently, we have no reports of students, faculty, or staff in the area or in harm’s way.

This ongoing, complex, and escalating conflict will affect members of our community, here on campus and abroad, in deeply personal and lasting ways. Among us are those that may hail from Israel and Gaza, have family directly impacted by these horrific events, or fear for the safety of their loved ones and homelands. These uncertain times may leave some feeling powerless. What we do control is how we treat and engage one another. I ask every member of our community to extend kindness, respect, and compassion to those who are suffering and grieving.

For those who need support, please reach out to any of the resources listed below.

University leaders will continue to monitor the situation and make additional supports available as necessary.


Chancellor Kent Syverud