Career Services has launched a Career Workshop series, open for any campus community members (students, faculty, staff, campus groups and student organizations) to request. This series consists of free career and professional development-focused workshops, and requesting a workshop simply requires filling out an easy-to-follow form on the Career Workshop Requests webpage. Read on to learn more about the Career Workshop topics!

Career Resources Overview

Exploring career options and navigating the job search process can be extremely overwhelming. The Career Resources Overview workshop helps you learn more about the Syracuse University career services network and the vast digital career and professional development resources available to students. This workshop is 45 minutes long with time allotted at the end of the presentation for questions.

Job Offer Negotiations

Confused if you should negotiate a job offer or not? If so, the Job Offer Negotiations workshop offers 45 minutes on what’s negotiable in a job offer, how to research your offer’s value and how to accept an offer. There will be time to talk with workshop leaders at the end of the presentation and ask questions.

LinkedIn and Networking

In today’s job market, networking is a very powerful way to get a boost in a job search. Having strong connections with people in the industry you’re interested in can help boost your confidence and your chances of landing that job you want. The hour-long LinkedIn and Networking workshop covers building an effective LinkedIn profile and provides you with tools to reach out to the thousands of Syracuse University alumni in the workforce.

Mock Interviews

Have an upcoming interview for a job or internship? Career Service’s Mock Interview workshop can help you prepare. This 90 minute workshop walks you through interview basics and the preparation needed for feeling confident. Then, student attendees will take turns as the interviewer, interviewee and observer. Following the interview, positive constructive feedback will be given to help further build interview confidence.

Professional Communication

Ever wondered about the importance of communication used in a professional setting? This presentation-style career workshop explores different types of professional communications, the importance of good communication and provides examples of effective communication skills. This workshop is a great way to hone in on those professional communication skills and take a deeper dive into how to work and talk with others in a professional setting.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes are an extremely important part of the hiring and interviewing process. If you want to make a strong impression, the Resumes and Cover Letters workshop can help with that. This hour-long workshop covers the basics of starting a resume and cover letter from scratch and gives you time to ask pressing questions you may have regarding resumes and cover letters.

Customized Workshop

If you don’t see a workshop on the list that tailors exactly to your career needs, Career Services offers a customized workshop where you can request a specific professional development theme of interest.

These workshops are a great way to lay the foundations for your future career and help you get ahead in the job search process!

Written by Tessa Hodinger G’23, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications