Career Week is nearly upon us! A variety of career development events will be happening across campus between Sept. 26-30, with this year’s Career Expo taking place on Sept. 28 from 3-7 p.m. in the JMA Wireless Dome. The Career Expo is the perfect way for all students, regardless of major and class year, to meet with nearly 300 employers for opportunities such as internships, training and professional development skills!

Yes, you read that right300 employers! The Career Expo is an exceptional resource for all students to explore different fields and companies as well as build and expand on connections that will come in handy post-graduation.

Why Attend the Expo?

At the Career Expo, employers are looking to recruit YOU. It is a professional environment catered to students who want to start building their futures. If there’s anything that college life proves, it is that the world is truly your oyster. The Career Expo gives students the opportunity to make new choices, open doors, explore professions and make meaningful professional connections. It is a resource that will only propel you forward in your professional development.

Are You Ready?

As college students, the terms “career” or “employer” tends to lead to overwhelming feelings of unpreparedness, anxiety or confusion. The thought of building a career while still working towards a degree can induce these feelings, and you may not know where to start.

Thankfully, Syracuse University Career Services has your back!

Career Services is passionate about helping students with professional development, whether that means securing internships, employment or simply setting career goals. There are an abundance of resources that students can utilize through Career Services that will have you prepared, secure and certain about your future.

Career Week Prep

In anticipation of Career Week and the Career Expo, Career Services wants students to know that there are many ways to prepare.

It is vital to have your resume prepared, remind yourself of networking best practices and attend drop-in sessions for other career resources. Services are offered throughout the semester to help you out with these critical career-building skills. To access these resources virtually, you can make appointments for them through Handshake.

Additionally, Career Services has organized many in-person and virtual events to help students prepare specifically for this semester’s Career Week events:

If you wish to prepare for Career Week and the Expo by attending these events, be sure to register for them through Handshake.

Career Services looks forward to seeing you there!

Written By Marie-Elise Ambroise ’25, College of Visual and Performing Arts