Tips to Help You Gear Up for Finals

As the semester winds down, preparation for final exams begins to loom over us all. You may already feel the stress of finals season and are unsure of how to de-stress and have a balanced routine. As a senior, I have dealt with the pressure of finals firsthand. Check out some of my tips to help you prepare and relax during finals week—balance is key.

1. Dedicate time to de-stress.

Allocating time for yourself is important in the midst of studying for exams. Check out Orange After Dark events, including the Pancake Breakfast Stressbuster on Saturday, May 7, from 9 p.m. to midnight in Goldstein Auditorium. This event is for all to enjoy during finals week!

2. Seek out a comfortable study space.

There are endless amounts of study spots on campus, it is all based on preference! From the top floor of Bird Library to my personal favorite, Starbucks (Campus West Building), there are many places to set up your study space for the day.

3. Participate in pet therapy.

If you are looking for a stress-reducing activity alongside a furry friend, the Barnes Center at The Arch’s  Deborah A. Barnes Pet Therapy Program may be the perfect activity for you. Check out the pet therapy schedule for the rest of the semester.

4. Stay active.

During your study breaks, a great way to de-stress is through physical activity. Start your day with a yoga class or end your day with a cycling workout. There are many workout classes available daily through the Barnes Center at the Arch Group Fitness Classes. Just one way to stay active during finals week.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Sometimes additional help is needed to help you succeed in a particular course. Study with some classmates or check out the resources available through the Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS). In case you are looking for some more tips from CLASS, check out these other blog posts on how to receive academic assistance and how to succeed during finals week!

Now that you have the tips to succeed, end the semester strong and stress-free! Good luck on finals—you are almost at the end.

Written By Isabella Podgorski ’22, College of Visual and Performing Arts