CLASS services are back and better than ever! First-year students, sophomores, and anyone who wants a leg up this term are welcome to visit! The Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) has expanded its programming to help students like you succeed this semester. Located in the lower level of Bird Library, you will find yourself in good company if attending one of the many sessions that CLASS offers. Let’s explore the options so you can hit the ground running!

1. Maximize Your Learning

Have you felt overwhelmed by your academics during your first few weeks here? It’s okay, it happens to everyone. You can do something about it! Maximize Your Learning sessions are perfect for you. These 60-minute sessions will pair you with a learning specialist or peer coach that will help you make a plan for academic success. Need help with time management? Let’s make a calendar to plan out study time. Nervous about your first college exam? Let’s brainstorm test-taking strategies. Anything you need assistance with, we are here for you.

2. Group Tutoring

What do ACC 151, BIO 121, CHE 106, MAT 221 and PHY 211 have in common? These courses all have free small group tutoring sessions accompanying them! Stop by multiple times a week to get help in over thirty courses tutored by CRLA trained tutors. You can drop in for one session if you are stumped by a difficult concept, or you can make tutoring a habit if you want more structured assistance. Sessions run after 3 p.m. on weekdays and all afternoon on Sundays.

3. Individual Tutoring

A cornerstone of CLASS services is definitely our 1-on-1 tutoring program. If you need help in a specific class, go to our Tutor Matching Service site to request help from fellow students like you! Simply type in your course code to request a meeting. Don’t see a certified tutor in the course you want? Email the office, and we will find one for you. You will have to pay for this service, but you can also apply for a sponsorship with your home college to cover the cost of individual tutoring.

4. Mindfulness

Our newest program has already become a huge success! Mindfulness workshops train your body and mind in utilizing new techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, defeat procrastination, and complete assignments on time. Choose either or both sessions to attend: Conquer Procrastination by Tackling Assignments Mindfully or Reduce Stress by Approaching Your Next Exam Mindfully. Sign up now because these spots are going fast!

5. Study Tips and Tricks Videos

The only program on this list that you do not have to attend! Our wonderful tutors put together short study videos before each exam for the group tutoring courses. These videos are no substitute for attending our sessions, but they will highlight key concepts to study for your exam and offer a concise summary of the content covered! They are perfect to watch to calm those nerves before exam day! If you are enrolled in a CLASS course, go to the CLASS tutoring organization on Blackboard and look for videos.

Well, there you have it! CLASS is happy to offer a plethora of opportunities for students to make the most of their classes at SU. It’s quick, easy, and oftentimes free to use the services; the GPA boost is an added bonus! Visit the CLASS website to learn more and sign up for these programs!

Written by Ava Breitbeck ’22, College of Arts and Sciences, CLASS Office Assistant