Do you want to study abroad, but you don’t know when to do it? As you make your pros and cons list for what you want out of your experience, consider this list of five reasons to study abroad in Fall 2023!

Attend a Fall Semester Exclusive Program

Some study abroad programs are only available during the fall semester!

  • The Central Europe program, which recently traveled through Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, only runs in the fall.
  • Engineering students in their second year can spend time in Strasbourg studying courses like Calculus III and Statics during the fall semester.
  • Computer science majors can take courses toward their major in London during the fall semester, where courses like Automata and Computability and Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms are offered.
  • Drama majors can take advantage of the London center during the fall semester, where the Acting at Shakespeare’s Globe program is offered.

Again, these programs are not offered in the spring semestersthey are fall-exclusive programs and courses!

Experience Great Weather Abroad

Travel to Chile during the Syracuse fall semester and land in the Chilean spring! In Santiago, September, October and November make up the spring monthsyou’ll have your own spring during Syracuse’s fall season and be back in time for the Spring 2024 semester on campus!

The temperate weather in our European Center locations, including Madrid, Florence and Strasbourg, are the perfect transition back into the academic year. Prepare to bask in the sun for a few additional weeks!

Take Advantage of Fall 2023 Grants and Aid

Afraid that studying abroad costs too much money? Fear not! Studying abroad can be affordable, and Syracuse Abroad is committed to making international education possible for all students.

You’ll keep your institutional aid when studying on a Syracuse Abroad program, so the cost of studying abroad is quite similar to a semester on campus. Plus, there are dozens of grants and scholarships available to help offset additional costs and program fees, such as study abroad grants, fall-only supplemental aid, named scholarships and more! Stay tuned for exclusive grants available for Fall 2023 programsmore information will be made available on the Syracuse Abroad website!

Explore a Fall Internship Opportunity

Get ahead of the curve by studying abroad and doing an internship in the fall! Find a mentor through an internship in London, make professional connections at an internship in Madrid, or find a host organization to work with in Florence or Santiago. You could even intern at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, an opportunity exclusive to Syracuse University students!

Interested in hearing more about past internship opportunities? Connect with Syracuse Abroad Alumni (Global Ambassadors) who have done internships and studied abroad at our Centers or through the World Partners program!

Extend That Feel-Good Summer Mindset!

Nothing sounds better than starting a new school year overseas. Picture yourself enjoying three months of summer vacation, followed by three months in Italy, Spain, France or any of our other Centers or 60+ World Partner programs!

Take classes toward your major or fill some general education credits with classes like Arts of Spain in Madrid (which is partially taught in the Museo Nacional del Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Museo Reina Sofia), Mediterranean Food and Culture in Florence, The Economics of Happiness in Strasbourg or Dictatorships, Human Rights and Historical Memory in Chile and the Southern Cone in Santiago!

For more information on fall programs, visit the Syracuse Abroad website! Rolling admission applications for Fall 2023 will open on Nov. 15 and will remain open until March 15, 2023.

Written By Courtney Conte ’23, College of Arts and Sciences, Syracuse Madrid ’19