Looking for ways to get around campus or visit somewhere nearby that’s quicker than the usual? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some transportation options to get you from A to BBB. (We included some helpful safety reminders for you, too!)

Trolley Olly Oxen Free

Not only are they so adorbs, but the ’Cuse Trolleys are constantly on the move. Covering Marshall Street, the JMA Wireless Dome, Walnut, the Mount, Comstock, Colvin, South Campus, The Warehouse, Euclid and more, the ’Cuse Trolley routes can get you just about anywhere on or near campus.

Safety Check: Masks are still required on public transportation, including the ’Cuse Trolleys. [Effective Sept. 8, masks are now optional.]

The Wheels on the [Centro] Bus Go Round and Round

Centro buses not only offer transportation to on-campus locations like South Campus, Skytop and the Mount, but there are also routes that head off campus, like to Westcott and Syracuse Stage. Don’t miss the Connective Corridor either! This option offers a free and easy way to get to many locations in the city.

Safety Check: Masks are required on these buses, too! [Effective Sept. 8, masks are now optional.]

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Bikes, trikes and cycles make for a convenient (and fast!) way to get to class and around campus, as well as around town with dedicated bike lanes and paths throughout the city.

Safety Check: Don’t forget your helmet, make sure to lockup with a U-bolt type lock, and register your bike with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS will give you a registration sticker to put on your bike and they will keep your information in the event of a theft.

I Scoot, You Scoot, We All Scoot[er]

E-scooter services have expanded in Syracuse. You can locate these services surrounding campus and throughout the city.

Safety Check: Be considerate with your scooter once you finish your ride. Leave your scooter upright and don’t block pathways, making it difficult for others to navigate.

Along for the Ride[share]

Ridesharing services provide an easy and convenient way to visit local spots near campus.

Safety Check: Whenever you’re using a rideshare service, remember the SAMI principle—Stop, Ask, Match, Inform.