Let’s face it, going to class everyday and having assignments pile up can be both repetitive and tiring. So how do you avoid mid-semester burnout? Here are a few tips and tricks that I find helpful with getting back on track and finishing midterms strong!

Change up your routine

Falling into a routine is a good thing and can make your days much more productive. However, after a while these routines can start feeling repetitive and may drag on. Try switching your routine up every now and then. If you wake up at the same time every week, wake up earlier and go to the gym or on a walk. You can try changing up the simplest things and it can still make a dramatic difference in your day! If you take the same route to class everyday, try taking a different one!

Take a day off 

Schedule a weekend to dedicate to relaxation. Instead of spending your day finding a summer internship or getting a head start on your week of assignments, take time to focus on yourself and practice self care. This can include starting that show that you have been meaning to watch, cooking your favorite meal, or even taking a little trip off campus. Try out the Crowley Family MindSpa or visit the Pet Therapy room for a break.

Schedule time throughout the week to do things that make you happy

Taking time out of your busy schedule to relax and focus on yourself can make the days a little more interesting and rewarding. Whenever my schedule is packed with important tasks and classes to attend, my favorite things to do when winding down are scrolling through Tik Tok, watching my favorite show and taking time to do some self-care. What’s your favorite pastime?

Get outside

As a busy college student I spend most  of my days inside attending classes or studying in my apartment or the library. Some times I feel stuck inside or get tired of staring at the same walls. I love taking walks around campus or sitting outside on the Einhorn Family Walk when the weather is nice. Even when it is snowing, put on a few extra layers and get some fresh air!

Take advantage of campus resources

There are many resources on campus that can help you get out of that funk! Grab a gym buddy and take some time to workout and release some of that stress at the Barnes Center at The Arch! If you can’t find time during the days to rewind, Orange After Dark has tons of activities such as movie nights, ice skating and laser tag!

Remember why you are here

Whenever I am feeling super unmotivated I like to take a step back and remember why I am here. Remember the reason why you went to college and are studying what you are studying. Think about how it will feel when you get an ‘A’ in a certain class or graduate with your dream job!

I hope you found these tips helpful and motivating to get through midterms (and finish the semester) strong!

Written by Haley Mykytka’ 22, College of Visual and Performing Arts