When I think of fall time, I automatically think back to memories with my family apple picking and taking part in other apple related activities! Even though we are away from home, Syracuse has many opportunities for us to take part in this fall!

Apple Orchards

Apple picking is a classic fall activity to enjoy with friends and family! Luckily, as Syracuse University students, there are dozens of apple orchards and farms in the surrounding area we can go to! Here is a list of some of my favorites!

Beak and Skiff: Definitely the most popular apple picking option, Beak and Skiff has a large apple orchard available for picking your own apples and pumpkins! In addition, they have a bakery with their famous apple cider doughnuts and a café where you can grab lunch after a long day of apple picking.

Deer Run Farms Apple Orchards: This beautiful apple orchard has tons of different apple varieties to pick from! In addition to apple picking, they have pumpkins and other fall gourds to purchase. They are known for their fresh homemade apple fritters and other amazing baked goods and ciders that are available for purchase at the farmhouse store.

Owen Orchards: As an old-fashioned orchard offering 15 varieties of apples to pick from, Owen Orchards is one of the top spots to go apple picking! Make sure to check out the Owen Orchards store where you’ll find everything from fresh picked apples, warm apple pies, fresh pressed apple cider and even warm apple cider doughnuts!

O’Neill’s Orchard: O’Neill’s is another great local apple picking option located only about 20 minutes from campus. This is a great option if you are only interested in the apple picking since they do not have bakeries and other activities like the other orchards above.

Bake delicious apple treats with friends!

Now that you and your friends picked fresh apples, it’s time to turn them into delicious fall recipes! Whether you’re into sweets or not, apples are a versatile fruit that can be made into both sweet and savory dishes. Some of my favorite savory apple related recipes include adding apples to your favorite salad, sweet potato and apple soup and adding apples into couscous or a quinoa salad. Some delicious, sweet dishes include homemade apple pie, apple crisp and apple puff pastries! Here is a quick and easy apple sauce recipe you can make right in your own residence hall or apartment:

  • Step 1: Fill a casserole or a large microwave friendly dish with peeled and cut up apples.
  • Step 2: Microwave the apples until they are soft (between 12 and 15 minutes).
  • Step 3: Mash with an electric mixer for smooth applesauce or a fork for chunky applesauce.
  • Step 4: Flavor the applesauce with cinnamon and sugar to taste.
  • Step 5: Enjoy!

Written by Haley Mykytka ’22, College of Visual and Performing Arts