Having a job in college has so many benefits, and there’s options for everyone’s schedule, interests and experience right on campus. Why have an on-campus job? Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. Build your resume: An on-campus job can serve as proof of your time management skills, you can balance your time between working and studying. It will show your passion for working to the employer as well. The on-campus job will always be a benefit for your future career.
  1. Practice and learn new skills: Take what you’re learning in class to the next level. With an on-campus job or internship, you have the opportunity to face solve a real-world problems. Working can give you a great chance to learn and practice, and you will have lots of opportunities to try different fields you might be interested in.
  1. Become a leader and a team player: Working on campus with a group of students and staff is a great way to improve your leadership and teamwork skills. As part of a team, you’ll likely face situations that may challenge you, like conflicts. But once you experience those challenges, you can learn from them and improve.
  2. Make some pocket money: Why not treat yourself some bubble tea or a huge burrito after a week’s study with your own money? On-campus jobs have great pay around $12-15 per hour.

What’s Available?

There’s more than just working at a dining hall, like being a CLASS Tutor, a computer consultant or a peer financial coach! You can find all on-campus opportunities by visiting Handshake, Syracuse University’s career management platform, and search for more on-campus jobs. Some of the jobs need specific qualifications to apply, but there are always tons of jobs available with no experience/qualifications necessary!

Don’t forget to check out the different services and resources offered through ’Cuse Works in the Student Employment Office. You can always make an appointment with their team to learn more!

Don’t Forget Volunteer Opportunities

Other than paid jobs, there are always lots of volunteering programs around campus and in the Syracuse area. Use your talents and experience to help others, including your fellow classmates, K-12 students, and the elderly. Here we listed some opportunities for volunteering.

Don’t know where to start? There are a bunch of offices dedicated to volunteering opportunities. A great place to start is the Office of Engagement Programs and the Shaw Center.

Written by Ruohan Xu ’23, College of Engineering & Computer Science