In the United States, many people love Asian food. Many foods with Asian characteristics have quietly captured our taste buds and affected our eating habits. But have you ever tried authentic Asian food? Panda Express is the most famous American Chinese style restaurant and available in the Schine Student Center, but the food is not really authentic. I asked some friends, Jingyue and Chenhui, for a few of their favorite spots and put together some suggestions when you want to try Asian food in the Syracuse area. Try them today!

  1. New Century
    1. “New Century is all my life. No. 10 Pho is everything. It is the only Vietnamese cuisine in the Syracuse area. You can also try the spring roll and coconut water, they are so perfect.”
  2. Gangnam Style Korean Kitchen
    1. “My favorite Korean restaurant! The breaded fried chicken is the best in Syracuse. It’s so juicy and crispy. You can add Korean BBQ sauce or just have the plain one. I also recommend omelet rice and Gan-Jjajang.”
  3. Chuan Taste
    1. Authentic Chinese Szechuan food. If you like spicy, then it is the right place for you. They are also serving Dim Sum this year. If you would like to try barbecued pork bun, stewed chicken feet, and creamy custard bun, this is the right place for you.
  4. Bleu Monkey
    1. American-Japanese restaurant located on Marshall Street, so you can easily find it without paying for Uber. The cuisine is a little bland compared to others, but still a great choice. We suggest Una Don (eel over rice), plain ramen with your favorite toppings and broth and any kinds of sushi you like.
  5. Spoon & Chopsticks
    1. “This is one of my favorite Korean Restaurant. Korean fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce will bring you to Korea. You also want to try the Bibimbap here. Also, they serve many sides like spicy chicken feet.”
  6. Oishi Sushi
    1. Lots of Sushi choices! The fanciest item is seafood pancake. It comes with spicy mayo, seafood sauce, calamari and shrimp. It’s definitely the best seafood pancakes around Syracuse. If you cannot decide what to eat, order a lunch/dinner box. It’s a great relief after studying.
  7. Tang Flavor Chinese Food Square
    1. “I love midnight supper in Tang Flavor. The scallion pancake and the salted egg yolk fried chicken are the best. The delivery is pretty fast, and it has a small portion so I can have it during midnight.”
  8. Yang Di Chun BBQ
    1. It is famous for Chinese BBQ. You can taste lamb, beef, chicken and even pork kidney BBQ! Don’t be afraid of the name. You will love Chinese BBQ after tasting them.
  9. Secret Garden
    1. “They are having Monday and Wednesday sushi half-price discount. You can get two rolls for only $10. It’s also famous for Korean BBQ. There’s also the only Korean Market in Syracuse next to Secret Garden.”
  10. Szechuan Kitchen
    1. Another great Chinese BBQ restaurant. All the BBQs are cheap and come with large portions.

Special thanks to Jingyue Zhang ’22 and Chenhui Liu ’23 for their suggestions.

Written by Ruohan Xu ’23, College of Engineering & Computer Science