One of our favorite spots in the newly renovated Schine Student Center is definitely the Intercultural Collective!  The Intercultural Collective is both a physical space for the Disability Cultural Center, LGBTQ Resource Center and Office of Multicultural Affairs and a coordinated effort to promote and celebrate inclusion and intersectionality. It’s a new opportunity to access the same great services and programs we know and love, further explore our identities and support our peers across identities, cultures and communities. Keep reading to learn more of what you’ll find at the Intercultural Collective!

Disability Cultural Center

The Disability Cultural Center is a space for connection, community, programming and outreach focused on disability as diversity. They welcome students with all disabilities—including developmental, mental health, learning, physical and addiction-related disabilities—and give students the opportunity to explore their identity, build community and find their purpose.

LGBTQ Resource Center

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Resource Center is a space for support, community, and education. They welcome all LGBTQ campus community members and provide the opportunity for students to build community, experience intellectual and leadership development and feel seen. Allies are always encouraged to participate in the LGBTQ Resource Center’s educational workshops to continue their dedication in supporting LGBTQ liberation.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is a space for support, guidance, encouragement and civic engagement for all historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups on campus. The Office of Multicultural Affairs hosts a number of programs and initiatives for student to explore and celebrate their unique identities and connect with others.

Collaborative Programming

The Intercultural Collective has a bunch planned for us to be involved! Don’t miss out on cultural awareness months, like Black History Month this February, and their “All In?” programming that challenges us all to learn something new.

Want to take a look and learn for yourself? Don’t miss out on the Intercultural Collective Open House on Thursday, Feb. 11. You’ll be able to tour the space, meet staff, and learn more about services and programs.