As we leave campus and settle back into our homes it may feel that Syracuse University is completely out of reach. Over this long break, it’s important to stay connected with the school and its community. This can help ease the transition home and prepare you for the spring. Here are five ways you can stay connected with the school and its community over the break!

  1. Zoom with your college friends! Don’t let the break make you lose touch with your friends in college! Using Zoom, it’s easy to get friends together and catch up. You can even make it more fun by doing activities during the zoom, such as a presentation night. This is a great way to use a software you are already familiar with for fun!
  2. Keep up with the school news! Syracuse University is home to many media organizations designed by students, for students. Whether it be virtually flipping through University Girl magazine or scrolling through the Daily Orange’s Instagram, there are many ways to still feel connected to the school and its community despite being home. You can even reach out to these organizations if you are interested in working for them, including The Peel! P.S. Be sure to check your email for important University updates that may come over break, too!
  3. Get ready for spring activities! Just because you are home now doesn’t mean you can’t get ready for the spring! Certain student organizations have started the application process for the spring semester, such as rushing for sororities and fraternities. Pay attention to your emails, as home schools and colleges will often send out information for spring organization applications. Organizations’ social media pages will often have information on the application process and future activities, as well!
  4. Look and apply for internships! Home schools and colleges will also send out emails detailing internship opportunities for the winter, spring, and summer. You can also research local internships that you could apply for the winter and summer. Applying for internships can help you advance in your studies and help keep you academically focused over the break. You can also find help with your search, preparing your resume and developing your interview skills on campus through Career Services! Using your extra free time now can go a long way for your future!
  5. Join new clubs! This fall semester has been hectic as the school and the country grapple with this ongoing pandemic, so you might have not had time to focus on learning about student organizations that you would be interested in. The break is a perfect time to do more research into the organizations offered at Syracuse University and reach out about joining in the spring. It’s never too late to join!

Dealing with the new, unprecedented changes in COVID-19’s wake can be overwhelming, especially for new students. Staying connected with the university and its community can help in dealing with these changes, and hopefully make your college experience better!

Written by Talley Schroeder ’24, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications