You might remember hearing about Living Learning Communities (LLC) when you were an incoming student applying for housing. Some of you might have even been part of an LLC as a first-year student! But you might not have known that there are LLCs open to upperclass students. With seven communities each with different themes, sophomores, juniors and seniors looking for a unique living experience have the chance to find their fit!

Applications are open to join an LLC as an upperclass student. Apply by Sunday, Feb. 16 for your chance to make connections and build your community.

Need to know more about the LLC experience? Here’s what a few students have to say about their experience:

Being an upperclassman in a Living Learning Community was a fulfilling experience. As a transfer student, you miss out on the bond students create with their floor mates during freshman year. Living in a LLC allowed me to connect with people who specifically shared the same interest as me (in terms of the distinct LLC), and as a result, we shared a lot of other similar interests as well. Because you’re with people you can relate to, your living experience in the dorms will be that much better. Suddenly, communal bathrooms won’t seem so bad! I met my best friends on campus through my LLC, and I also created many opportunities for myself by connecting with those students.” –Ashley Velasquez, Life Theme Housing

One of the benefits about living in an LLC as an upperclass student is seeing and befriending those who are in the same classes as you. I get to meet more people in my grade and in similar majors. Also, MORE in STEM planned a lot of bonding activities throughout the year which everyone can benefit from. You also live on either the ground or the first floor which I find to be very convenient.” –Can Chen, MORE in STEM

There are so many opportunities and advantages that come with being in an LLC, especially as a sophomore, such as being in many of the same classes as the people you are living with. Because of this, it is easier to get homework done, and we are able to bond better because we all have things in common. There have been so many LLC bonding events, such as game nights and going to the zoo, that I may not have initiated or participated in on my own had it not be for the LLC. Of course, I could organize those things myself, but being able to attend an event that someone else organizes is so much easier, and the stress of planning it is taken away.”- Sewina Yu, MORE in STEM