Making the most of your internship

So you’ve done the hard part. After countless emails that started with “Thank you for applying but we’ve decided to move on with other candidates,” you finally received the news you’ve been waiting for: an internship offer. Now what?

1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

When in doubt, reach out! Don’t forget that internships are opportunities for you to learn, so don’t feel like you’re bothering your manager or your team if you ask questions. Just remember to ask insightful and meaningful ones, so do your research first.

2. Network Outside Your Team

Your manager or someone from your team usually becomes your mentor but push yourself to reach out to other teams or departments. Reach out to your HR manager and tell them about your other interests and they can connect you to the right people to connect with which may lead to more mentorships. Ask about opportunities to grab lunch or a quick coffee chat!

3. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments (And Quantify)

Your resume is a living and breathing representation of your personal and professional accomplishments. Throughout your internship, you’re likely to work on big projects that create a meaningful impact. Remember to consistently jot down your role in the project and highlight key accomplishments including key metrics.

4. Proofread Your Emails

Chances are, you’ll spend a good amount of your day reading and responding to emails. Remember to be professional and make sure your emails are grammatically correct and free of typos. A good practice is to have a fellow intern proofread it, especially important ones!

5. Keep in Touch

Whether it’s through email, LinkedIn, text or even social media (as long as you keep it professional!), staying in touch with your manager and team is crucial. They will become your most valuable resources in terms of finding possible future full-time opportunities at the company or even elsewhere.

In a blink of an eye, your internship will go by quickly. It’s important to make the most of out it by making sure you take this chance to learn as much as possible, build meaningful connections and develop yourself personally and professionally.

Jez stands out in an orange jacket posing among his fellow Southwest Airlines interns. Jez poses in an airplane cockpit.

Written by Jez Sabaduquia ’19, School of Information Studies