While student orgs are a great way to be involved on campus, they’re not the only way! Being involved goes beyond what you might initially think. Check out some of the ways to level up your involvement, however you decide to define it.

’Cuse Works

Student employment can be a great way to meet people, gain experience and earn some cash! The folks at ’Cuse Works are your go-to people for all things student employment. Get help with your on- and off-campus job search and personal and professional skill development all in one place. Stop by the office or make an appointment to learn more about getting involved in student employment.

Student Leadership

Did you know you can still be a student leader outside of a student organization? There are plenty of committees and boards you can join to help contribute to campus. Keep an eye out throughout the semester for opportunities to open, and be sure to apply. You might even find an application deadline on the University Community Calendar.

Volunteer Work

Don’t forget about how valuable volunteering is! Volunteering can boost your resume, help you develop skills, create valuable connections and even relieve stress. You can find volunteer opportunities across campus and in the community. Here’s where you can start:


Speaking of Hendricks! Don’t miss out on the opportunities they have to get involved! From volunteering in Pete’s Giving Garden, to contributing to a  musical group and attending their events, there’s something for everyone.

Sure, Hendricks Chapel has a focus on the spiritual life of our campus community. But that doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to a faith to be involved. Hendricks Chapel is a home to all.