With winter break right around the corner, it is important that we practice healthy habits to nourish our bodies and minds. Be sure to continue practicing social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands in order to keep ourselves and our friends and family healthy during this holiday season. I spoke with Barnes Center Peer Educator Lia Figurelli about some tips and tricks for surviving the long break.

Take advantage of resources.

While we may not be on campus, we still have access to SU’s resources. The Wellness Leadership Institute will be offering virtual workshops until the end of the semester, and Nutrition appointments can be made until Wednesday, Dec. 9. Same-day Counseling appointments will be available throughout the break. Schedule appointments by calling 315.443.8000. For updated winter break schedules, follow the Barnes Center website.

Additionally, Syracuse University partners with Sanvello, an app that provides guided meditations and other stress management resources on one platform. Syracuse University students can get this app for free by creating an account using your Syracuse email! Be sure to check out the Division of Enrollment and Student Experience YouTube channel for free guided meditation and workout videos!

Set boundaries.

Even though some of us may be out of the Syracuse community, we still need to be cautious about COVID-19. That being said, do not feel pressured to visit anyone you do not feel comfortable with. Set boundaries with friends and family about what makes you comfortable.

Acknowledge the feelings you are having.

Be sure to be honest with yourself and how you are feeling. Lia explained that it is important to monitor your body and your feelings throughout your break, especially with social media. Make sure you are aware of the accounts you follow and whether or not it is healthy information and people you should be seeing on your feed. For example, if you begin comparing yourself to a specific person, maybe you should unfollow or mute them.

Get outside!

Although the cold weather is approaching us, make sure you take advantage of those warmer days and get outside! Lia explained how being outside hiking, running or even taking a walk is great for your mental health!

Overall, Lia’s final message is “It is important to stay in tune with yourself. For instance, knowing your symptoms for stress, staying open with yourself and others and surrounding yourself with people who make you happy and comfortable.”

She also mentioned these hotlines that are available:

Barnes Center 24-Hour Support: 315.443.8000

Crisis Text Line: Text SUPPORT to 741.741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.8255

Dating Abuse and Domestic Violence: 1.866.331.9474

I hope you find these tips helpful! Have a healthy and relaxing break! For additional resources be sure to follow @BeWellSU on Instagram and Facebook!

Written by Haley Mykytka ’22, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Special thanks to Lia Figurelli ’22, College of Arts and Sciences