The Orange Survey is open! First-year students and sophomores likely haven’t heard of it before, so shout out to all you juniors and seniors! (Bonus points if anyone remembers when LaNia told us to take the survey on Snapchat’s Campus Story. Extra bonus points if you remember the Campus Story #RIP.)

It’s been a while since the last Orange Survey, so here are some things to help introduce or refresh your memory:

What is the Orange Survey?

Every two years, the University asks undergraduate students to share their student experience so we can better understand your needs and changes in the study body. You’ll answer questions related to your academic, financial, social, living and learning experiences. All responses will be confidential.

How do I take the Orange Survey?

As long as you don’t ignore your SU email, it’s simple!

  • Step one: log into your SU email.
  • Step two: search for any emails about the Orange Survey. (We’re guessing you’ve had a few.)
  • Step three: open said emails.
  • Step four: follow the link to the survey.
  • Step five: complete the survey.

And, you’re done! Prize winners will be notified at a later date.

Wait, prizes?

Yes, prizes. If making your voice heard and a chance to improve the student experience isn’t enough motivation, there are plenty of prizes you can win for completing the survey. You have a chance to win basketball tickets, Amazon gift cards, personal training sessions, free smoothies, early registration and more.

How many emails are you going to send me?

However many it takes for you to complete the survey. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seriously, the only way they’re going away is if you do it. That’s a lot easier than deleting them, so spare your inbox.

The Orange Survey will remain open through the end of the fall semester. So check your email, and get it done!