As we transition into the colder months, the winter ahead might seem daunting if you’re not sure what to expect. Although Syracuse is known for having some of the harshest winters in America, it’s still possible to survive the winter and have fun doing it! Here are some of our top tips to survive winter!

Dress Accordingly

While it might seem repetitive, having proper winter gear is crucial to surviving a Syracuse winter, especially on those mornings where the walk to class seems especially daunting. The first thing every Syracuse student needs: a proper winter coat. Make sure that yours is waterproof and has proper insulation to keep you warm all season long. In addition to a good jacket, you’re going to want to invest in gloves, and maybe a few beanies and scarves. When it comes to bottoms, it’s easy to utilize what you already have. On the coldest winter days, leggings or thermal underwear layered under sweatpants will do the trick.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

It might be tempting to wear your cool platform sneakers to class, but you WILL slip. Winter boots don’t have to be ugly – tons of brands now make really nice and functional snow-proof shoes! Make sure they’re insulated, or be prepared with plenty of wool socks if they’re not!

Practice Good Hygiene

Yep, your parents have always told you it’s important to wash your hands. But it really is important to avoid getting sick at all costs during the winter months, especially because it seems like half of campus is sick every year. Wash your hands frequently and carry around hand sanitizer and a small pack of tissues to avoid winter germs. Pro tip: get a Cold and Flu Wellness Kit from the Barnes Center complete with tissues, hand sanitizer, vitamin C and information on the flu! Stop by the Health Promotion desk on the first floor next to the Pharamcy to get yours.

Stock Up on Snacks

The walk to the dining hall can be treacherous during the winter, and you can only spend so much money on GrubHub. Stock up on easy to make frozen meals, soups and other snacks like popcorn, protein bars, and nuts. You’ll thank yourself when it’s -6 degrees and you’re starving.

Get Cozy in Your Space

Winter can feel isolating, especially if your friends are spread out in residence halls or apartments. Make a solid group of friends close by so you don’t feel alone when it’s blizzarding outside. Plan activities that you can all do together, whether that’s a movie night complete with snacks, playing board games, or even a self-care night.

Have Fun Outside

Even though temperatures might be freezing, Syracuse offers some great outdoor activities. Check out Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion on South Campus or head off campus and go ice skating in Clinton Square. The Barnes Center also offers a Cross Country Ski and Showshoe Center at Drumlins, as well as weekend ski and snowboarding trips to Labrador Mountain.

Stay Active

Even though it might be tempting to lie in bed and watch Netflix all day, it’s still important to exercise and keep your body moving. Grab a friend to be your gym buddy, so you can hold each other accountable even on the coldest of days. You can even try doing at-home workouts in your room. YouTube is filled with easy and convenient 10-or-15 minute workouts that require zero equipment!

Written by Carina Coestad ‘22, College of Visual and Performing Arts