6 Tips to Help You Be Wise this Mayfest

As spring semester comes to an end, there’s one last event we are all looking forward to and that’s Mayfest! We all want to have a good time and go out with a bang but what if I told you, you can have a blast at Mayfest all while being safe and keeping these tips in your back pocket!

1. Eat a high protein meal.

Before the festivities begin make sure you eat! You do not want to skip any meals or go hungry so a nice meal with lots of protein can slow down absorption of alcohol if you do choose to consume it. Keep in mind there will also be free food at Mayfest! So stand in line for one of the food trucks and tents, and grab something protein rich.

2. Stay hydrated.

With the warm weather approaching and all the outdoor activities occurring, make sure to stay hydrated. Also, alcohol strips water from the body, so keeping hydrated is the key to prevent dehydration and potentially lessen the likelihood of a hangover!

3. Make sure you know your limits.

If you choose to consume alcohol, make sure you know your standard drink sizes. Know how much you can and cannot consume! Most importantly remember that tolerance doesn’t affect your BAC (blood alcohol content) levels and consuming at a higher rate will still affect you so if you do choose to drink, drink responsibly! That can look like spacing out drinks over time or setting a limit for the day prior to engaging in the festivities.

4. Participate in activities that are unrelated to alcohol or other substance use.

With Mayfest and the warm weather, we all tend to get super excited. Make sure not to dedicate all games to alcohol or other substances as it can get super risky and dangerous. You can do so by limiting drinking games, taking breaks, or playing games that do not involve substances at all. There’s plenty to do at Mayfest that doesn’t involve drinking. Be sure to listen to this years’ amazing artists, dance at the silent disco, have fun in the ball pit and take a ride on the carousel!

5. Plan for a sober way home.

If you and your friends choose to consume alcohol, make sure you all have a sober way to get home! There are many options such as Lyft, Uber, ShuttleUHome, campus buses and shuttles and much more that will get you home safely! If you decide to use a ride sharing company, make sure you check the license plate and make the driver say your name prior to getting in. Traveling with a friend can also help you stay safe.

6. Make sure your phone is charged and have emergency numbers programmed.

If you plan on participating during Mayfest, we all know it can be an all-day affair so charge your phone the night before to prevent your phone from dying during the middle of the festivities. Also make sure that you have emergency numbers in your contact list such as 911, 315.443.2224 (DPS), 711 (DPS from a SU campus phone), #78 (DPS on cellphones), 315.443.4299 (SU Ambulance.) Having these numbers already programmed in your phone will keep you prepared and safe if you find yourself or someone else in a serious situation.

Follow these party smart tips to help ensure you a fun and safe Mayfest! Make sure to take advantage of the warm weather and celebrate the end of the semester but most importantly BeWise!

Written by Ariana Zapata ’20, David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, Be Wise peer educator