Schine Renovation: What to expect

You should know by now that Schine is getting a makeover. We’re talking enhanced accessibility, upgraded dining, more student spaces and a bigger, open central atrium with more lounge space. Basically, anything you might want for a more student-focused space. Exciting stuff!

With all these great improvements coming, there are a few changes that you should know about; changes like offices moving, Schine dining temporarily closing (and adding options in other places) and entrances shifting. We’ve outlined the important stuff for you, so make sure you’re in the know!

  • Schine Box Office will relocate to Suite 118/119 in the Women’s Building.
  • The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Disability Cultural Center will join the LGBT Resource Center in 548 Bird Library. The LGBT Resource Center moved to this accessible, central location in the spring. (When the renovations in Schine are finished, these offices will be co-located in an expanded space. Yay to celebrating intersectionality, inclusion and friendship!)
  • The Shaw Center for Public and Community Service along with the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs will relocate to Suite 309/310 in the Women’s Building.
  • Career Services will relocate to Suite 214 in the Women’s Building.
  • The Office of Student Activities and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs are moving to Suite 100 in the Women’s Building.
  • Learning Communities and Student Centers and Programming Services (SCPS) will relocate to Suite 138 in the Women’s Building.
  • Food Services will enhance staffing and add popular menu items to Pages Cafe and Starting in the fall, Kimmel will open earlier to help fill your breakfast and lunch needs.
  • The Bookstore and Goldstein Auditorium will remain open.

That’s a lot to remember all at once. So to make it easy: the Bookstore and Goldstein Auditorium will still be open; OMA and DCC are moving to Bird; Everyone else is moving to the Women’s Building.

“But how am I supposed to get to the bookstore or the aud if there’s construction going on?”

Great question. The entrance from the Einhorn Family Walk and the entrance between the Bookstore and the auditorium (East entry) will be open. Both are accessible with the East entry accessible path starting on Waverly Avenue. The Einhorn Family Walk will serve the bookstore. The East entry will serve Goldstein Auditorium.

Have questions? Stay tuned for upcoming tabling dates where you’ll be able to ask and get more info.

As renovations start and progress is made, be sure to follow The Peel, SU News and Pete Sala’s emails for updates!