Faculty Experts

Yang Wang

Assistant Professor

Yang Wang is an assistant professor at the School of Information Studies in where he co-directs the SALT lab. He is also an affiliated faculty member in the Institute of Software Research (ISR) at the University of California, Irvine.

His research focuses on privacy and security, and social computing. He is interested in studying human behavior with technology as well as the design and evaluation of novel technology that helps people to achieve better privacy and security. His research also investigates technology that encourages and supports attitudinal or behavioral changes that benefit users. He draws from social sciences and sub-disciplines of computer science such as human-computer interaction, software engineering, and machine learning. His interests also lie in public policy issues, especially those regarding privacy. Profeesor Wang’s research has been supported by NSF, Department of Education, Google, Alcatel-Lucent, and The Privacy Projects.

His work has primarily focused on two areas, namely:

Design and evaluation of usable privacy and security technologies that can be deployed internationally. He build novel software systems and evaluate them empirically. Recently, he also developed a new interest in public policy issues around information technologies.

Cross-cultural design and study of computer-mediated communities such as blogs, forums, games, and social networking sites. Yang Wang has several publications, the most recent being a conference paper on  Folk Models of Online Behavioral Advertising.

His expertise includes the privacy and use of Drones (quad copter/hobby) and encryption. He recently published journal paper “Flying Eyes and Hidden Controllers: A Qualitative Study of People’s Privacy Perceptions of Civilian Drones