What’s Your Good News? The LivingSU Team Asked Students

The LivingSU team asks students to share good news.

The LivingSU team asks students to share good news.

Students from the LivingSU social media team came together once again, walking around campus with a crafty television frame and trays of smoothies, capturing students’ good news.

Through the “Good News Broadcast” event, students shared their good news for the day, week or just that moment, oftentimes resulting in giggles and cheers. The event highlighted the joy in finding small or big things to celebrate every day and sharing it with those around you.

The LivingSU team partnered with SU Food Services and Freshens to offer smoothie samples and coupons to those who participated in the activity, as well as passersby.

“We were all reminded of the good things going on in our lives, despite the seemingly overpowering negative things, such as midterm stress,” says LivingSU team member Andrea Greenberg, a junior Newhouse student majoring in public relations. “It was those smiles that made it a success.”

Enjoy the broadcast

Greenberg recaps the event on the LivingSU blog at http://livingsublog.syr.edu/2013/10/good-news-broadcast-smoothies-recap/.

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