Temporary Parking, Traffic Changes Created by Mayfest

With the semester winding down, students are preparing for final projects and exams. They'll have a chance to unwind this Friday, but it will cause some changes in the traffic patterns and parking.

Syracuse University will be holding its annual Mayfest event in Walnut Park. As a result, Walnut Place and Walnut Avenue will be closed to all parking on Friday, April 26. As crews will begin setting up for the event prior to Mayfest, there will also be limited parking reductions around Walnut Park on Wednesday, April 24, and Thursday, April 25. Parking and Transit Services is offering alternative parking at Manley South, located off of Colvin Street on all three days.

Faculty, staff and students are asked to follow all "No Parking" signs and barrels, and to avoid parking between barrels. Parking and traffic restrictions will be lifted in time for work and school on Monday morning.

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