Leveraging Study of Food into a Dream Job: Co-founders of Good Food Jobs Visit Campus Feb. 24


Motivated by a strong belief that food is the perfect outlet for fulfilling employment because of its potential impact on culture, economics and the environment, Good Food Jobs.com co-founders Taylor Cocalis Suarez and Dorothy Williams-Neagle will present “A sustainable approach to finding a good food job” on Feb. 24 at 3:45 p.m. in 104 Falk Complex. The presentation is free and open to the campus and local communities.

Taylor Cocalis Suarez, left, and Dorothy Williams-Neagle

Taylor Cocalis Suarez, left, and Dorothy Williams-Neagle

Since its founding in October 2010, Good Food Jobs has registered 35,000 users and posted over 8,000 jobs across all disciplines, for full- and part-time, volunteer, apprenticeship and other out-of-the-box jobs. The site educates people about the multitude of ways one can embark on a food-related career that is satisfying, empowering and beneficial to others.

Graduates of Cornell University, the co-founders’ common goal was to build community around a subject that they knew had power: the individual desire to find fulfillment through one’s day-to-day work. Through their in-depth knowledge of the food industry, they will offer Syracuse University students first-hand insights and insider tips on how to find sustainable roles in the food world. Both have presented widely on topics including conservation and environmentalism, farm living, food entrepreneurship, nurturing human connection through food and reviving American food culture through sound economics.

For more information, contact: Falk College Food Studies program, Jennifer Hurley, 443-1710, jhurley@syr.edu.

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