Graduate Student’s Personal Essay Finalist in International Competition

Carri Prue

Carri Prue

Make every moment count. It’s a sentiment often difficult to live by. Graduate student Carri Prue took the meaning to heart and to her writing.

Prue, who is pursuing an executive master of public administration degree at the Maxwell School, submitted an essay based on that ideal for an international student essay competition through the CrossLites organization. Last month, she was named one of 20 graduate student finalists for six scholarships and the competition is now up to the voters on social media.

Her essay, “The Milestone,” focuses on her close relationship with her grandfather and the time leading up to his passing last year.

The scholarship competition is open to students at all levels and invites essays based on a quote by the late Charles Parker, a veterinarian and philanthropist whose desire to help others grew into the CrossLites organization.

“My essay was a reflective piece based on Parker’s inspirational quote, ‘We ought to make every moment count, because it may be the last,’” says Prue, a communications manager in the University’s Office of Marketing and Communications.

Prue’s 90-year-old grandfather passed away on Feb. 9, 2015, a day after she had spent time with him knowing it might be their last time together, as she recounts in her essay.

“Living with regret seems to be the greatest source of pain, and the best way to avoid that is to embrace our moments. Consider each day a gift, because we don’t always get that final visit,” she wrote in the essay.

The opportunity to write her thoughts down and share her story has helped her through the grieving process.

“I miss him terribly, and writing has always been therapeutic for me. Thankfully my other grandparents are still alive, but having a close family means the wounds of loss never completely heal,” Prue says. “I wrote the essay as we prepared to celebrate our first Christmas without Grandpa, and I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to reflect on Dr. Parker’s quote.”

Prue’s essay can be found here. Readers can vote on her submission by sharing it on social media using the links at the bottom of the story or by printing it. The number of votes will help the selection committee decide the winners. Voting is open through March 30.


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