Dreamliner Event Highlights Students’ Dreams and Goals

LivingSU students collect other students' dreams during the Dreamliner event on the Quad.

LivingSU students collect other students' dreams during the Dreamliner event on the Quad. (Photo by Drew Osumi)

Dreams, goals, hopes, and wishes … we have all them, but what are yours?

Students from the LivingSU social media team asked their peers as they were passing through the Quad recently to stop and share one of their dreams by writing it on a balloon that was bound to a string of other balloons, forming a massive arch.

In the final hour of the “Dreamliner” event, one end of the balloon line was let go and the chain of balloons stretched straight up into the sky, visible from the outskirts of campus.

The LivingSU students intended for this activity to visually tell the story of how students are pursuing their dreams and goals together at SU, as well as provide an opportunity for students to pause for a moment and reflect on their hearts’ desire.

“At first, our line of balloons only covered a slice of the Quad, but soon, more and more students were intrigued by the growing chain of orange and white,” says LivingSU team member Annemarie Menna, a junior majoring in anthropology. “It was inspiring to see students and passersby embracing the message and living the Syracuse spirit.”

Enjoy a short film of the event, produced by Hyon Choi '14.


Photographs from the event can be found here.

Menna recaps the event on the LivingSU blog at http://livingsublog.syr.edu/2013/09/dreaming-big-with-dreamliner/

Supported by the Division of Student Affairs, LivingSU is a multimedia movement to inspire, connect and engage students on the campus around living the SU experience. The team is made up of students with a passion to express their artistic talents for social good. Their intention is to affect others in a positive way through thought-provoking content and creative engagement opportunities that encourage students to open their minds and get involved.

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