Interesting shadow of a whole family together Monday, June 27, 2016  

Refugees and Their Changing Family Experience

Refugee families risk their lives to escape war and violence. But what happens when they settle in new homes in different countries free from conflict? Assistant Professor Rashmi Gangamma wants to understand the family experience for refugees in the midst of loss and resettlement.

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Earth scientists in the College of Arts and Sciences are studying the effects of seasonal precipitation and runoff, as well as temperature on fossil shells found on Seymour Island's La Meseta Formation, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Wednesday, June 22, 2016  

Professors Look to Geologic Past to Predict Future Environmental Conditions

Earth scientists are using an NSF grant to study the link between elevated temperatures and precipitation in ancient Antarctica.

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Gravity_Waves_StillImagefinal Wednesday, June 15, 2016  

Syracuse Helps LIGO Detect Second Pair of Colliding Black Holes

Amber Lenon ’16, who earned a bachelor’s degree in May, was one of the undergraduates whose research confirmed that the signal from the black holes was, indeed, real.

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