Kanisha-Ffriend-620-cover_72 Tuesday, July 21, 2015  

Student Author Challenges Perceptions in ‘I, Too, Am a Dancer!’

Kanisha L. Ffriend ’16 tells the story of a young girl of color who is hard of hearing in “I,Too, Am a Dancer!” The girl is the main character—a different approach than from what Ffriend had seen in other books about people with disabilities.

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afasdfasdfasdf Wednesday, July 15, 2015  

Physicists Awarded $3 Million Grant to Build Particle Detector

They will use the three-year award to build an inner tracking device, known as the Upstream Tracker, which will increase the amount of data that LHCb can handle by factors of five to 10.

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asdfasdfasdfasdfsdf Tuesday, July 14, 2015  

Physicists Confirm Existence of Rare Pentaquarks

Physicists in the College of Arts and Sciences have confirmed the existence of two rare pentaquark states. Their discovery is said to have major implications for the study of the structure of matter.

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